Engineers do something that people say how they did it. When we see ancient engineering work, even engineers with the most modern skills and tools say how they did it and even say aliens did it. I started to visit engineering marvels in the world to learn their wisdom and encourage students to be more creative and innovative. One of our alumni, Kenneth Wright, did pioneering work on Machu Picchu. He inspired me to look into old engineering work and document it for future engineers.

Students created the website as part of their independent study. I hope our alumni also participate in this endeavor so that future engineers can appreciate “engineering” and continue to improve the technology. We know only what we learn and do. There are so many things that need to be understood and learned!

Jae K. (Jim) Park, Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Machu Picchu


Ancient Greece



Dutch Windmill in Tulip Field
Netherlands Windmills

Ancient Egypt